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You might laugh because every time I sign my name I put a gold star next to it, but it's a metaphor, and metaphors are important. My gold stars are a metaphor for me, being a star. ”

—Rachel, Pilot

Laura Benanti in Gypsy.


mashup of Let It Go & Defying Gravity

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me not shaving my legs has literally nothing to do with feminism and literally everything to do with me being lazy

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Don’t fear death, fear the state in which you will die.

I was always afraid of Ohio

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At the les mis matinee yesterday, someone’s phone went off really loudly at “you’ve hungered for this all your life” and Ramin just froze and stared at one spot in the audience for at least 10 seconds AND IT WAS REALLY SCARY AND TENSE AND I THOUGHT HE MIGHT PULL A LUPONE

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